Any good places to volunteer, meet people and do some good?

I’d like to try volunteering and maybe meet people while I’m at it, though I’m not sure where to look. Ideally I’d like to volunteer 1 hr per week. Suggestions? I’m 29yo

St. Catharines Museum is always looking for volunteers if you are in to history. You can set up any schedule you would like as well.
We have a museum?
On the Welland Canal Pkwy, next to Lock 3. Close to where the outlets are.
need my 40 hours to finish my high school diploma by June and this sounds right up my alley. I’ll have to get in contact with them.

If you want, you can come mow my lawn.

You should volunteer for the upcoming In The Soil festival!

You can search in the Volunteer Database to find something that might interest you. Or, you can call 211 and ask them who needs help.

Southridge homeless shelter?

The Humane society always seems to be looking for people to help walk and play with the dogs. There’s an application/approval process to go through though. The only reason I don’t do it myself is that my local shelter only has volunteer opportunities during business hours on weekdays. Otherwise, I’d be walking the straight shit out of those dogs.

Community Care is a fantastic service in Niagara and essentially only exists cause of volunteers. Definitely recommend checking it out.

i have about 10 square meters of paving stones that need shifting.

Come on, is where’d you all get the idea food is a right? I’ve been seeing these things all around campus, it’s a bit much.

Food Not Bombs does a free food drive every Sunday in Montabello Park, and are actively looking for volunteers at the moment. I’ve heard that the best way to contact them is through their Facebook page.

1 hour is a really low commitment most organizations I know require a minimum for 4 hours a week, best of luck!

Do any sports? I coach youth football and 1 hr a week can work.