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Volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities Does anyone know of any volunteering opportunities in Jersey City?Would love to teach kids but I am open to all suggestions. Do they still have Big Brother/Big Sister programs? Might be worth looking into. (Rimshot to the first NSA joke about "Big Brother")........ (rimshot to the first "rimshot" joke) I believe there is a mentoring program attached to public schools. You can also register at Taproot for roles. Taproot provides free resources to volunteer organizations. nypl.org: NY Public LIbrary tutoring literacy skills to adults Jersey Cares is a great resource Thanks [...]

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How do I start volunteering?

How do I start volunteering? I'm 20M never volunteered, never travelled alone, not sure if I have a good enough skillset that would actually help someone but I'm just sick and tired of not doing anything. I want to do something that actually matters. I want to be the best version of myself that I can be, I want to be selfless and generally, a good person and I feel like volunteering is where I should start but I just don't know how. Animal shelters often need people to do laundry, clean litter boxes, walk dogs, or even [...]

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Volunteering in Costa Rica– whats legit?

Volunteering in Costa Rica-- whats legit? Hi, I plan to go to Costa Rica for a month to volunteer but am overwhelmed by the amount of sites I've visited online. Can anyone recommend any place? Thanks K 1. Re: Volunteering in Costa Rica-- whats legit? Try the corcovado foundation. It's located in Drakes Bay on the Osa Peninsula. You can call direct or visit their website. 2. Re: Volunteering in Costa Rica-- whats legit? Hi Katdemon. I'm looking into volunteering in Costa Rica / South or Central America. Did you end up going anywhere, [...]

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