Nothing to do? Do some volunteer work!

If you don’t have a job and are just staying at home doing nothing, go outside and do some volunteer work! You will meet good people and feel good about yourself afterwards, and might even get a job offer!

People underestimate how important volunteers are to non profits, so whether you are snuggling puppies or helping out an event… Your extra time matters!

I had nothing to do last year, so i did volunteering this year.. kinda.
I’m in 2 clubs + mentoring program + cadets. I have no time now.
10/10 would recommend if you want your parents to think you have a life and need to cover it up

I can confirm this. Volunteering is the best thing I’ve ever gotten into for all of the above reasons.
I had nothing to do over my 5 month school summer break and I racked in 160+ hours of volunteering. And it was well worth it. I ended up connecting with a bunch of new people and making a whole bunch of new friends. When summer was over, I was offered a job from one of the women I spent the night with while volunteering at a casino. As I continue to volunteer my reputation goes up. Now I’m the Lead Volunteer with a foundation where I live and a lead volunteer for a big event that’s held at our school every year. I URGE you to get out there and make something of it. My confidence has never been higher.

I volunteer with two different organizations:

  1. Operation Pets Alive- We pull dogs and cats from our local overcrowded animal shelters and foster them for two weeks while assessing possible behavior and medical needs. Once the two weeks is up, the animals get transported via truck or plane to our partnering shelters which are literally empty. I’ve fostered about 20 dogs so far which have all been adopted out of state. The dogs were on the euthanasia list at my local shelter which typically receives 100+ animals A DAY. This is such an awesome experience! Yes, it can be hard to say goodbye after you’ve been living with these fellows for a while, but I always get pictures and updates from the new adopting families. Also, If during the two weeks we find a problem with the animal (health issues, severe anxiety..) we will keep them until they are adopted locally at a weekend Petco event.

  2. Meals on Wheels- Only have been doing this for 3 weeks, but it is much different that I expected. Every Tuesday I stop by our local community center and pick up 35-50 freshly made and packaged meals. I have typically 6-10 elderly people who I deliver them to in my town. They each get 5 meals, fruit and juice or milk (and I buy them some special treats and dog biscuits if they have a dog). All of my “clients” are not able to drive, have health problems and have to rely on others for their meals. Not all, but with some I suspect that my delivery may be their only food for the week. I always make sure to ask if they are ok or if they need help or anything. I had to report elder abuse on my first day :-/ Anyway, this whole delivery process takes me about 90 minutes from start to finish. I’m really enjoying it and I hope I can make a difference to someone.