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How would a physician Know where to volunteer?

How would a physician Know where to volunteer? Asking for a few General Practioners I know are trying to see if it would be possible for them to leave here and help out down there.. How would they find out where they would be needed the most? Sorry if Im posting this in the wrong forum but I dont know who else to ask.. Any suggestions? Thank you 1. Re: How would a physician Know where to volunteer? Hi IslandGrll: Try this link: my.webmd.com/content/pages/23/109928.htm If it doesn't work, just go to www.webmd.com and there is a notice right on that [...]

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Volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities Does anyone know of any volunteering opportunities in Jersey City?Would love to teach kids but I am open to all suggestions. Do they still have Big Brother/Big Sister programs? Might be worth looking into. (Rimshot to the first NSA joke about "Big Brother")........ (rimshot to the first "rimshot" joke) I believe there is a mentoring program attached to public schools. You can also register at Taproot for roles. Taproot provides free resources to volunteer organizations. nypl.org: NY Public LIbrary tutoring literacy skills to adults Jersey Cares is a great resource Thanks [...]

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