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Volunteer Opportunities for Thanksgiving Day?

Volunteer Opportunities for Thanksgiving Day? Hi! Anyone know of any volunteer opportunities for Thanksgiving Day? Thanks :) Union Rescue Mission always has something that them for details.  I am on their email list. The missions in dtLA always need help and there is also central park in Pasadena though that one tends to bring in more volunteers then people so you don't really do much Carrie The Union Mission (Pasadena) feeds many hundreds of homeless families in a park on Thanksgiving Day.  If that is too far, the Fred Jordan Mission in downtown LA [...]

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Volunteer Opportunities Thanksgiving.

Volunteer Opportunities Thanksgiving Does anyone have any sugestions for volunteer opportunities on Thanksgiving, my husband and I would like to give back this year? LA or OC...we live close to both. call any food bank and/or rescue mission. they have volunteer outreach folks you can talk to. rachele...i have to on thanksgiving day at the park in apsadena,...also were going to do an after tahnksgiving bbq on that sat at the same park...that is part of montrose church pm me and i can find out more detailed info Here's the link about volunteering at [...]

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