what are the best places to volunteer at if you’re new to volunteering in and are in your early twenties?

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Habitat for Humanity

This is the only answer. You will never again have the time or energy, and lack of other commitments as you do now. Rebuild a disaster zone. Build a house for the poor. Build anything. Work with your hands and see the world through other eyes. You have plenty of time to be a software developer, or marketing mogul, or stock broker, where you will get pudgy around the midsection and mild carpal tunnel. Earn your bar stories now, do it with calluses and sweat and occasional blood, and party at night with other thoughtful, motivated, young people. Don’t think you have the skills? They are expecting that. You will learn. Not sure you have the drive? They expect that too and will provide a positive environment to gain confidence. Go all in. There is no other answer. Say yes. Go now.

Legal Aid, animal shelters

Depends on what kind of volunteering you have in mind. Here at least National parks and other protected areas accept voluntaries all the time.

On the other side, food shelters and the like do too.

Volunteer firefighting

I’m a scout’s chief. It’s fun, I recommend it.

If you like working with kids, there are so many opportunities to work with them! You can be a tutor, homework helper, a book club leader and so much more.

If you’re into sports, a lot of volunteer coach opportunities are starting to open up since baseball season is around the corner.