What did you do for your required highschool volunteer hours?

I just realised our school makes us do 100 hours of volunteer work to get our credits… I found some cool ideas but you have to be 18 and I won’t even be 18 when I graduate.

What did you guys do for your hours? Feel free to share any cool stories too!

I did some hours at a nursing home, interacting with the residents.

How was it? I don’t know if I could handle something like that

It was easy. Most of the residents were able to get up and move around, to a fair degree.

This was nearly 10 years ago, so things are blurry, but I just followed the directions of the home’s event coordinator. I think I read news articles or something. I didn’t do any cleaning or nurse-work.

They were just starting that back when I was a Junior in Chicago. I think i had to do 40 hours. It has been too long and is hard to remember. I put in time at a local library doing a few hours once or twice a week. I still think it is a complete waste of time.

I agree it’s a waste of time but I get a free scholarship if I do it so I guess it’s worth it

I worked at an art supply store. It was huge, like Ikea size. Spent almost all of my time wandering around and looking at curiosities.

Ohh that sounds like fun! Did you actully work there though? Because we can’t make any money from this (which is kinda stupid imo)

I wasn’t paid, no. It was almost like a one week internship thing. The place I went to didn’t usually participate in the programme of taking students in for for experience. So they had no idea what to do with me. I usually hung out with an older woman at a help desk, typical teen, on my phone. But most of my time was spent wandering around, and pointing people in the wrong direction, then hiding, when they asked me where something is.

Haha sounds like fun! I’ll have to check into something like that

Didn’t have to do any volunteering work, but I was a tour guide at a local tourist attraction. It was quite fun and definitely helped me learn how to talk to people.

That sounds like a pretty laid back and fun thing to do. The only tourist attractions we have here are the bars and the old war memorials where people get shot every other week haha

I worked with the Humane Society. I HIGHLY recommend doing so. My main tasks were setting cages up, taking the dogs on potty breaks, making sure they had food and water, telling people about the pets. It was pretty fun and you get to play with dogs and cats all day!

That was my first thought, I mean who wouldn’t want to play with puppies all day! Then I remembered I’m allergic to dogs so that might not work out to well…

I had to do them for college. This year, I spent many happy weekends planting trees in wildfire affected areas.

My old high school required 60. I did them at a local community library.

I didn’t have to volunteer, but I dt anyway. Worked for a program called reading buddies that paired high and middle school kids with young kids whom we helped with reading

It takes someone special to teach little kids, I for sure don’t have it I’m me haha

I’m pretty good with kids, but I have my limits. That program was about as long as I could do

I’m not sure how parents and teachers make it look so easy!

No kidding!

I volunteered at a retirement home for people who needed extra care and assistance (due to health or mental problems). So, these residents had nurses who would feed them, bathe them, change their bedpans, etc. I didn’t have to do any of that, but I would push them around in their wheelchairs to wherever they needed to go and help organize events like playing Bingo.

It was really sad… They were announcing Bingo about to start in the game room, so I went around asking everyone if they wanted to play and would push them over if they said yes. One man just either couldn’t hear/understand me or couldn’t respond. I asked him a few times, “Do you want to play Bingo? They’re about to start.” and I just left him where he was because he didn’t say anything.

During Bingo, my job was to look over their cards and “help” them play. The person calling out numbers would say “N 32!” and I’d point to a lady’s card and say “Look, you’ve got N 32 right there!” No response. “You’ve got N 32 here so… I’m just gonna… put this marker on your card for you…”

Eventually, one lady got Bingo so I pointed it out to her as I put another marker on her card for her. “Look, you’ve got Bingo! You won!” No response. “Bingo over here! We have a winner!” The person calling out numbers came over to congratulate her and give her a prize. The woman still didn’t respond, like she had no idea anyone was talking to her or what was going on.

Another time, I kept a woman company while she played solitaire with a pack of cards. She got to the point where there were no more possible moves left. All she was doing was turning over the cards in the top left deck, she’d get to the bottom, turn them all face down again, and go through them again and again in the same order. I said to her, “Hmm, looks like there isn’t anything else you can do. Maybe we should reshuffle and start a new game.” and she snapped back at me “NO!” and continued flipping the same cards over and over.

Also I’m a huge asshole and once signed in, left to go see The Dark Knight with a friend, then came back to sign out.

I don’t think I could ever do something like that, it’s just so sad to see people that way

Anyway how was the movie?

Never had to volunteer to graduate. But I did help out at the local humane society shortly after I graduated.

I kinda get that schools want you to be a good person, but forcing you to have x hours of service doesn’t seem like a good idea. If they offered it as extra credit I’d be more suppotive. It means more when you do it of your own volition.

Yeah I agree it’s kind of stupid, but it’s the only way I can get a scholarship which pays for my first two years of college soooo I guess it’s worth it in the long run

I didn’t have required hours for high school. Only for church, which I managed to get out of the way with volunteering at church-hosted events.

I’m in college now and I do a lot with our theatre group. We had a high school student participate in our most recent play and she told me that she wanted to check with her school to see if she could get hours for coming back and helping us organize things.

I didn’t have to do volunteer hours.

I think requiring kids to do volunteer hours for graduation is dumb on a bunch of levels.

I should’ve clarified, we don’t have to do them to graduate but I’m in a program which at the end you get a scholarship… But only if you pass the class and so the 100 hours

Local hospital runs an opportunity shop. I do the initial sorting and inform the donors what we don’t accept, before proceeding to tell them they are not supposed to throw them into our garbage container.

Haha, volunteering at a hospital sounds fun but I live in a big city so we don’t really have any “local” hospitals, they all require you to be 18 to volunteer 🙁

Coached kid’s soccer

At my school, we were all dirty little cheaters, and the teachers were in on it too.

All students were required 75 hours of volunteer work in order to graduate from middle school, and these hours would be transferred with us to high school (where we actually needed them).

Well, we were given two options:

Read a book and have a podcast

Work for free for 75 hours

Naturally, most people chose #1. I ended up completing all my hours in a single class period by recording a really shitty monologue about a book that I made up and I guess nobody ever listened to it because I got all my hours.

Haha That sounds like something people at my school would do… Actully it was something we did last year, this year we have to have our hours approved by the school district

I didn’t know that was a thing at some schools, we didn’t have a requirement like that. I did some volunteer work at a summer camp when I was a teen over breaks.

Played drums at a church youth group. It was really fun and easy.