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What’s ShareNest?

Who we are

We are the world’s first “2-sided” tech solution to help people and organizations to become more socially responsible

Non profits
Social impact projects

Join us if you are a professional or student who is interested in changing the world by sharing your unique gifts to positively generate impact and better yourself.

Join us if you are an organization who is seeking talented volunteers or is in need of a platform to efficiently manage your volunteer team.

How we work



Create your profile, describe your talents, your volunteer preferences, and showcase your work.


Raise your hand and:
A. Wait for thousands of national and international projects and non-profit organizations to reach out to you.

B. Search for your favorite volunteer activity and with just 2 clicks sign up to it.


Accept the opportunity and start making a difference.

Social Projects & NGOs


Create your profile, describing your mission and your cause of impact


Get Volunteers with 2 simple options:
A. Choose the service you need help with and with 2-clicks reach out to thousand of talent volunteers waiting to share.

B. Post your request and wait for volunteers to sign up to the task.


Manage your volunteer activities and track your impact on your Dashboard.

As a two-sided marketplace, Sharenest is the cross section of technological inter-connectivity and altruism.

Our Offers

If you are interested in starting to make a change now, please click in one of the opportunities listed below:

Join our Sharing Community

We are a community of changemakers who are eager to do good, to express kindness, and to encourage others to make an impact through sharing their skills with those in need.

Rafael Fernandes
Volunteer Coordinator @GreenPeace Brazil
Catalina Armiñan
Former President @Rotary Club - Miami Dade College
Guillermo Caro
Social Innovator
Dr. Alison Thompson
Volunteer in the largest disasters around the world for the past 22 years
Dacil Acevedo
General Director, Latin American Volunteer Center (CELAV)
Gabe Jaramillo
Former Tennis Coach of Agassi, Sampras, Sharapova, Nishikori and many others top players
Rakel Cadavid
Singer, songwriter, and philanthropist
Curtis Harkness
Director of Regular Hero (nonprofit with documentary on AmazonPrime)

Here’s how it works

Create a profile

Let the world know what your unique talent is, and what you’re passionate about! Remember, your profile will be what organizations use to inquire for your services, so don’t be shy, brag a little! 🙂

Wait for volunteer opportunities

After you’ve completed your profile, simply wait for organizations around the world to give you a digital tap on the shoulder, and begin the conversation! You can expect an exciting variety of projects and organizations you’ll be contacted by, with some amazing causes!

Accept the opportunity

Once you’ve identified the organization and cause you’re most excited about, simply click to engage, and begin making an impact!

The Sharenest Volunteering Hub

Connecting those who can help
with those who need help

Company Values


Human potential is the best resource on the planet today.


Human actions of sharing impact both the giver & the receiver.


The Caring Economy is the next wave of human expression and values sharing of time as much as treasure.


Improves your emotional intelligence and gives you more fulfillment
Awakens a behavioral change (from taker to giver)
Improves your school & college experience
Increases your job prospects
Positively impacts your self-esteem
Reduces “wasted” time on unnecessary tasks
Increases your community engagement
Creates connections in real life with real friends

Some Of Our Partners

In partnership with people, universities, high schools, hospitals, town halls, and nonprofits around the world.

ShareNest is streamlining and revolutionizing the way volunteering is done.

Some Of Our Partners

In partnership with people, universities, high schools, hospitals, town halls, and nonprofits around the world.

ShareNest is streamlining and revolutionizing the way volunteering is done.

“Volunteering and serving changed my life dramatically. I dream about building a world where sharing & giving becomes a way of life.”

Yosef Sigaud, Founder & CEO

"Great UI and company with very unique value proposition that can change the education industry in Brazil"

Pedro Simao, college student

"Giving back is the most rewarding thing in life"

Marko Gojanovic, entrepreneur and model

"This is an innovative idea of impact that the world really needs right now. My favorite feature is the ShareGive Report (a philanthropic curriculum that summarizes the volunteer's social impact and personal development)"

Bruna Moura, college student

"Find a local organization that needs your help, something that speaks to you and get out and volunteer... amazing feeling..."

Kaitlin Swampson, volunteer for Dog Rescue Dauntless

"Volunteer is important to me because I truly believe the world is better off when we all come together"

Meg Jerrad, travel blogger & international volunteer

Our Mission

Why are we doing it?

To foster, empower and facilitate more sharing around the world

How are we getting it done?

Building a better world one volunteer hour at a time

What are we doing?

Creating the world’s #1 marketplace of sharing & giving

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